FAQ | Image Usage

When the photos is taken by COSARU.com, there will be a watermark.
You must not remove, edit or crop the watermark.

Q. That’s me in the photo! Can I post my photo on my website, blog and facebook?
A.  Yes, you are free to download and post the photo on your own online pages. I’ll appreciate when you credit the photo back to COSARU.com. Simply include “Photo by COSARU.com” in your online posting.

Q. I don’t like the photo of me posted online. Can you remove it from the website?
A. Yes, you can ask me for the photo removal. Please contact me with your cosplay page that will prove that the photo is yourself.

Q. I want to use your photo for my profile image /avatar.
A. If it’s you in the photo, you can do that. Since the avatar image is much smaller than original photo size, cropping will be allowed for this case. I’ll still appreciate when you mention Cosaru.com somewhere in your online posting.

Q. Can you send my photo in raw/un-cropped/original file/no watermark?
A. No, I can’t.

Q. I liked my photo, but the image size is too small. Can you send it in a larger resolution/bigger pixel?
A. Probably. If I still have your photo in original file, I can edit it again and send you in a bigger image size.

If you have other questions, simply contact me~