You may submit this form when you buy Order-Made items. Usually, I don’t need every measurement written below. I’ll let you know which measurement is required for your order.

You can use this online form or email me with your measurements.
All measurements taken are your responsibility.
Once I start to make your order and cut fabric into your size, you cannot request to change your measurements.

  • Have someone measure you especially when you measure the back shoulder width & back length.
  • Wear a lightweight/tightly fitted shirt or underwear. Don’t wear a thick sweater or layers of clothing.
  • Measure several times and get the average one. But for Bicep, wrist, thigh, knee & ankle, choose the larger number.
  • Use a measuring tape or a piece of string and a ruler to measure around your whole body.
  • Keep the measuring tape snug to the body, but not too tight or loose.

When making the actual costume, extra 1~2 inches will be added to “Bust, Waist, Hip, Armhole, Biceps” for comfortable fit. Skirt length won’t have extra inches, but will be made to the length you give.

Cosaru will do the best to make the costumes based on the size you provide.
However, A “PERFECT FIT” is almost impossible unless I measure you in real and modify the pattern & garment several times.

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Inch or Centimeter?*
1. Neck (around the base of the neck- the base where your neck and shoulders meet)
2. Armhole (from the top outside edge of the shoulder down to the armpit)
3. Front Length (from side of neck base, passing on the highest point of bust and to the waistline)
4. Bust (around the bust, the fullest area)
5. Under Bust (around the rib cage, directly below the bust)
6. Waist (the narrowest part of your waist, about a 1/2 inch above your bellybutton)
7. Front Crotch ( from center front waist down to crotch)
8. Hips (around the widest part of your hips)
9. Wrist (around the wrist.If you get different measurements, use the larger one.)
10. Thigh (around the widest part -usually about 3 inches below the crotch for the thigh-on both legs. If you get different measurements, use the larger one.)
11. Above Knee (around the upper part of the knee bone. If you get different measurements, use the larger one.)
12. Under Knee (around right below the knee bone. If you get different measurements, use the larger one.)
13. Ankle (around the ankle. If you get different measurements, use the larger one.)
14. Legwarmer Length (from under knee to ankle line)
15. Back Shoulder Width (Measure the space between shoulder points - the upper tip of shoulder or the points at which the shoulder meets the arm)
16. Back Length (from the base of the neck to the waist line)
17. Back Width (across underarm)
18. Shoulder Seam (from side of neck base to shoulder edge - the edge at which the shoulder meets the arm)
19. Elbow Length (from shoulder edge to the elbow)
20. Bicep (Bend arm halfway, measure around the widest point of upper arm. Measure both arms, if you get different measurements, use the larger one)
21. Sleeve Length (Bend arm half way, measure from shoulder edge - passing on point of elbow - and to wrist)
22. Skirt Length (from waist line to the bottom end of preferred Skirt Length)
23. Crotch Length (from front waist line - passing down to crotch - and go up to the back waist line. Length of U shape)
24 Height
25. Kimono/Yukata Sleeve Length (Lift and straighten the arm to the side. Measure from the center back neck to the preferred length of sleeve end)
- Custom Fabric Colors (if the item has the option to choose the fabric colors)
- Message or Comment
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